A new era in Workplace Technology!


Welcome to Hybrid Coworking!

For those who are not yet familiar with the term COWORKING, it is simply a collaborative space or area for simple like minded people who want to exchange ideas and at the same time get outside the monotonous and repetitive viewings of their confinement.

Hybrid Coworking provided just that but with a concept of our own. We believe that rather than just having the usual and dull, stressful environment, which the only thing you looking for is the end of the day. We want to create a new wave of working facilities that offers much healthier, relaxed and exciting surroundings for staff, employees and members to look forward to going to work each day, hence the term HYBRID.

Hybrid Coworking provides a whole range of services and facilities exclusively for our clients.

Such as :

- Spa/Jacuzzi and Sauna
- Sandwich bar including daily rotating of international cuisines
- Lunch area
- Lounge area
- Cafe & Reading area
- Indoor recreating and entertainment
- Fitness Facilities including Gym Yoga, Cardio, Dancing classes etc.
- Dedicated coworking facility for part time or casual members.

These are only the very few things we provides and offers to our members. Everyday we are seeking new ideas and ways to improve the balance work lifestyle thus revolutionize every day working offices.

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